Be nice to your body

Be nice to your body, and your body will be nice to you

Internet Explorer Dips Below 50% in September

According to GlobalStats, IE’s share for the first time is less than half of all browsers. Even Marketshare reports IE at the lowest point in recent history, standing at 59.65%.

Text::Templet 3.0 is Ready

Ten times the performance, three quarters less code. Download from here:

Mimi And The License by Nina Paley

Subjects & Objects

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No Flash player for x64 Linux temporarily?

This is plain stupid. Adobe won’t let anyone to download Flash plug-in for 64-bit platforms until they refactor the code: . Well, why can’t we have whatever the latest version was while you’re busy?!


What? “Hulu player is not supported on 64 bit versions of Flash”. YouTube 1, Hulu 0.

Unconditional Love

By Nina Paley

Re: Paul Allen’s Lawsuit

Re: Paul Allen’s Lawsuit, the new take on the old adage: those who can – do, those who can’t – sue

On Linux Market Share

I just obtained a piece of anecdotal evidence that the demonstrably low market share of Linux is at least partially due to the very low level of awareness of the platform among the great unwashed. Even among techies there are few who feel the need or desire to keep updated on the latest developments in the Linux-land.

I had a conversation with our intern about relative security of computing platforms while cleaning a zero-day Trojan infection from his Windows PC. He was looking to buy a computer for college, and had a choice between an “expensive” Mac and a  “troublesome” PC laptop.

I gave him a few good reasons why he should get a Mac (no viruses, more stable, better usability, better quality of hardware) and also showed him some basic stuff on my Ubuntu desktop at work which I have been using for development. That left quite an impression and I thought that if more people became aware how easy and useful an Ubuntu PC can be, Linux market share would be way more than the paltry 1%.

So the mission now is to give Ubuntu CDs to all friends to try out.