If you don’t confront your fears

If you don’t confront your fears, you end up living in fear

The Mountain Gave Birth to a Mouse

After millions of dollars and years of development, rumors, delays and media leaks Microsoft finally delivered its latest “innovation” – drum roll please – a feature phone! Yaaaaaay!

In this light the latest Microsoft’s move of bullying HTC into licensing its patents because it would be getting a “free ride” on Microsoft’s “innovations” is silly and cynical. It’s another clear example, on one hand, how dysfunctional and contrary to its stated goals the patent system has become, and on another, how it has been hijacked by the likes of Microsoft to help protect large monopolies and put a brake on true innovation and progress. Sad, sad day.

Posting From my Phone

Here I am, blogging from my HTC Eris using the WordPress Android app I just downloaded. Hopefully this will help me keep the site updated.

Chrome is the New Internet Explorer Killer

Wow, it’s been a while since last update! Anyway, here’s something curious for you – if you look at http://gs.statcounter.com/, you’ll see the market share of IE steadily declining, that of Firefox staying about the same, and Chrome steadily rising, suggesting IE users switching to Chrome, not Firefox.

I have a possible explanation – it’s the clever way Chrome installation works. To install and update Chrome, you don’t need admin rights on Windows systems – it installs all files into user profile, which means that all the corporate users logging on with limited permissions to corporate systems can install and use Chrome themselves, and all the security patches will be applied silently without anyone noticing, including the IT departments.

Firefox installation and updates require administrative account, and so far there has been no official way to distribute patches throughout corporate networks. While administrators would love to provide users an alternative to IE due to its atrocious security record, the pain of keeping Firefox updated is obviously greater than dealing with IE’s security issues.

Patents no longer serve their …

Patents no longer serve their stated purpose and should be abolished or restricted to several industries where they seem to work

Go and see Grand Canyon, even …

Go and see Grand Canyon, even if you have already

Shoveling snow… Priceless!

Shoveling snow… Priceless!

Google’s new DNS service IS fa…

Google’s new DNS service IS fast!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Chrome OS is a techie’s dream …

Chrome OS is a techie’s dream come true – give it to your friend who you keep fixing their Windows PC for