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Unconditional Love

By Nina Paley

Musical Instruments at the Met

Recently I went to see musical instruments section at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which I thought I would enjoy, but instead I had a same feeling I had when I went to the zoo. The instruments were trapped in this dark hall just like the animals in cages – longing to roam free. I could almost hear them scream to be played but instead were sitting there slowly falling apart. There were very few people in the section – it is located so that it is not easy to just stumble into, and probably the gloomy mood of this room keeps the regulars out.

Spring Has Come To Central Park

Hello From California

Sunlight seeping through a thick cloud of smoke from California’s wildfires on I-15 between LA and San Diego on October 25, 2007:

California’s Smoky Skies on October 15, 2007 - Interstate 15 between Los Angeles and San Diego

I Cancelled my Rhapsody Subscription

… prompted by the court decision in favor of RIAA in Jammie Thomas case. I’ve been feeling increasingly uneasy about paying for my subscription since the music biz started demanding settlement from alleged music file sharers, and this was finally the last straw. I do not want to support the industry that uses extortionate tactics to get its message across, although I have no opinion of the merits in the case.

The Lost Dog

Early in the morning I went for my usual 3-mile run in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park. On the overpass leading to the zoo I saw a dog off leash, a young tan bit bull, that ran up to people, looking confused and unsure what to do. He jumped up on me in a greeting, which I did not particularly like but it revealed a good-natured dog, he had a blue collar with a two-feet piece of rope tied to it.
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One Man’s Pain Is Another’s Business Opportunity

Just came back from a nearby LIRR station buying train tickets for tomorrow. 1.5-hour line in 25-degree weather, thank Pete it’s just cold, clear skies and not windy; actually quite nice if you have enough layers on.

A couple of young women were trying to re-sell $4 tickets for $10 to the people at the beginning of the line, ostensibly because they would not need them anymore. But there were no dopes among us who decided to get their tickets the night before.

Then, closer to the end, a guy walked by handing out menus. He’d have more luck pouring hot coffee though because at that point the line rounded the corner under the bridge where a noticeable draft made everyone quite uncomfortable.

I could not get rid of a feeling that I’ve seen a couple of people on this line before: a guy behind me I had a little chat with and a woman in front.

Magic Renamed to Text::Templet

Magic has become Text::Templet, and the latest version is 2.1. Also, listen to my latest recording and tell me what you think.