Musical Instruments at the Met

Recently I went to see musical instruments section at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which I thought I would enjoy, but instead I had a same feeling I had when I went to the zoo. The instruments were trapped in this dark hall just like the animals in cages – longing to roam free. I could almost hear them scream to be played but instead were sitting there slowly falling apart. There were very few people in the section – it is located so that it is not easy to just stumble into, and probably the gloomy mood of this room keeps the regulars out.

Magic Renamed to Text::Templet

Magic has become Text::Templet, and the latest version is 2.1. Also, listen to my latest recording and tell me what you think.

Victoria Rag

I’ve been busy doing lots of cool things, and as one of several tangible results of this busyness I recorded a ragtime, it is called Victoria Rag (160kbps MP3, 3,096KB) and can be downloaded from along with other interesting stuff. Enjoy, and let me know if you liked it!