Monthly Archives: February 2005

Magic Release 1.12

Magic 1.12 fixes a few issues with diagnostics and error handling. Pretty much all changes and fixes since version 1.6 deal with diagnostic messages, which seems excessive, but they made template troubleshooting so much easier. I also created a revision … Continue reading

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Magic Release 1.9

Magic 1.9 is here, with lots of changes and additional features since I published revision 1.4 a couple of weeks ago. Check it out! Also, take a look at the Patented European webshop poster prepared by Foundation for a Free … Continue reading

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PJ Comment on TCP/IP Turing Award

I could not resist quoting Pamela Jones commenting on Vinton Cerf and Robert Kahn receiving the Turing award for creating the TCP/IP suite of protocols: “Can you imagine if the [TCP/IP] protocol had been created by Microsoft instead? That is … Continue reading

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