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Formatting 720K Floppies

The secret to formatting a diskette to 720K under Windows 2000/XP is simple: you have to convert an HD diskette to a DD diskette. To do this, cover the hole that specifies that the disk is HD with a piece … Continue reading

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Linux Hardware Question

Here’s the situation. I’ve installed Ubuntu 7.04 on my Fujitsu laptop, and it works well for the most part. The two buttons on the touchpad that serve as a scroll wheel do not work as expected – one is dead … Continue reading

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Linux Market Share Jump

Linux market share as measured by Net Applications has been growing fast this year. From 0.35% in January it increased to 0.42% in February (20% growth) and then jumped to 0.57% in March (35.7% growth) and 0.80% in April (22.8%). … Continue reading

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