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Text::Templet 2.8 released

Download it here. This release includes two new features for building web application servers. [ purchase cialis | buy cialis doctor online | cialis testimonial | viagra pfizer | viagra facts uk | viagra affiliate | viagra online sales | … Continue reading

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JavaScript Object Explorer Updated

A new version of JavaScript Object Explorer is available here: The main new feature is the ability to analyze other sites – the page contains a link which you can save as a bookmark in your browser, then select … Continue reading

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Text::Templet Use Scenario

If your web site is hosted on Apache server, you can configure it so that you can use Text::Templet and Perl with the ease of PHP. No more CGI/Perl scripts! The reason PHP is easy to use is that in … Continue reading

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Performance of Perl Regular Expressions

Perl owes much of its power to regular expressions, making programming easier and more intuitive. But this power often comes at a cost – parsing and processing regular expressions is a non-trivial task that uses quite a few CPU cycles. … Continue reading

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