One Man’s Pain Is Another’s Business Opportunity

Just came back from a nearby LIRR station buying train tickets for tomorrow. 1.5-hour line in 25-degree weather, thank Pete it’s just cold, clear skies and not windy; actually quite nice if you have enough layers on.

A couple of young women were trying to re-sell $4 tickets for $10 to the people at the beginning of the line, ostensibly because they would not need them anymore. But there were no dopes among us who decided to get their tickets the night before.

Then, closer to the end, a guy walked by handing out menus. He’d have more luck pouring hot coffee though because at that point the line rounded the corner under the bridge where a noticeable draft made everyone quite uncomfortable.

I could not get rid of a feeling that I’ve seen a couple of people on this line before: a guy behind me I had a little chat with and a woman in front.

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