Ubuntu Continues To Impress

Last weekend I tried Ubuntu 7.04 on my Fujitsu S2020 laptop, also with great results. Everything worked right out of the box, with one problem: I could not figure out hot to get WPA-PSK to work. There is no option in the GUI, and although the wpasupplicant package that promises WPA and WPA2 support is installed, somehow it is still not usable by mere mortals. So I’ll wait a little longer.

My previous experiences on this laptop with SUSE and Debian were less than pleasant: unacceptable boot times, scores of configuration problems and painful troubleshooting sessions. Cluttered interfaces with overabundance of useless options while all configurations that really matter are done old school by editing text files, with little documentation support; too many choices for a novice user (do I really need three text editors from the get go?), tacky KDE names and so forth.

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