Linux Hardware Question

Here’s the situation. I’ve installed Ubuntu 7.04 on my Fujitsu laptop, and it works well for the most part. The two buttons on the touchpad that serve as a scroll wheel do not work as expected – one is dead and the other works as the middle button. But that’s probably because the pointing device is recognized as a 3-button mouse without a scroll wheel.

Now, I plugged in an external mouse, and I expected for it to get recognized and start working seamlessly but alas! there seems to be no plug-n-play capability installed by default. Can anyone lend me a hand with this? What do I need to do in order to get functionality similar to Windows XP which automatically recognizes any hardware plugged in and if it does not already have a driver for it, at least I can go to the manufacturer’s web site to download the driver and then install it either through New Device wizard or through Device Manager. At least when it comes to simple devices like mice and keyboards I would expect the drivers to be present – it is not uncommon especially for laptop users to use either embedded pointing device or an external mouse depending on the circumstances.

The WPA-PSK issue I mentioned earlier got resolved once I installed the system onto the hard disk. But another problem that I’m now having is that it constantly tries to access the CDROM drive, every second.

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