Got a Dell Inspiron 530n with Ubuntu pre-installed

I finally splurged on a Dell Inspiron 530N with Ubuntu. I need a computer for my music workstation, and with the latest developments in good quality multi-track recording software for Linux I felt it’s time to give it a serious try. I was thinking of building one myself instead of buying a ready made one, but did not feel adventurous enough. I guess I’m getting old :) This is actually my first brand name PC purchase!

I’ve received it very quickly – placed the order last Friday, and yesterday it was here! I’ve ordered the cheapest configuration without the monitor for $379, $410.74 with tax, with free shipping.

As for the monitor, Dell needs to get real: $170 is too much for a Viewsonic VA1703wb – a widescreen 8ms 1440×900 monitor with no DVI, 500:1 contrast and 250 nits brightness, so for just $10 more plus shipping I’ve got a superb 20″ Acer AL2016WBbd with 1680×1050 resolution, 5ms response time, DVI, 800:1 contrast and 300 nits brightness from NewEgg. Dell should consider partnering with Acer on monitors – Viewsonic is a good brand but Acer beats it hands down.

Stay tuned as I get it into production, and post questions if you are considering a Dell computer with Linux but still undecided – I will try to answer them here.

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