Updated Format144

There is a new version of Format144 available for download that has a couple of improvements. First, the executable is now only about a third of the size of the previous version (only 20KB!). Second, there is a bug fix – proper generation of Volume Serial Number. And now it can be compiled with GCC, which is the reason why executable is smaller! I also updated the project page to include compilation instructions and other related information.

Compiling Format144 with GCC

I received a note from one of the users saying that he was able to compile Format144 with GCC, and I wanted to try it by the time I update this project page to give you an extra compile option. After some tinkering I got it working and was so impressed by the results that I decided to switch from my favorite Borland C++ compiler to GCC for this and all my future projects. The binary compiled with GCC is only a third of the size of the version compiled with Borland, due to the fact that Borland statically links its own runtime and console libraries, whereas GCC uses standard msvcrt.dll coming with Windows. Neat, I like that.